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Spoke & Hub Bikes

Who are those masked men

behind the bikes?

We take our bikes seriously, but ourselves, not so much. Delve a little deeper into the lives of the owners of Spoke & Hub. And remember, always tip your mechanic with a beer.

Will beer for bikes.

Cuz that's how we roll.



Birthday:     September 30

Height:     5'7" on dating sites

Level:     43

​ATK/DEF:     75/56

Favorite Beer: Heretic Evil Twin

Least Favorite Beer: The non-free kind

Registered Ninja #: HL:09239

​​Ready to rent a bike? Brian will get you those fancy new electric bikes quicker than you can ask, "Which way to the Golden Gate Bridge?"  Plus he can diagnose and slap together a bike for you in no time flat.


Birthday:     March 13

Height:     5'11"

Favorite Food:     Anything cooked by Audrey

Least Favorite Food:     Anything not cooked by Audrey

Hobby:     Disc Golf

Current Ninja Name:     Danger

​With over 12 years experience in bicycle repairs, Dave is your man to get the job done. From old skool Bianchis and Peugots to new SRAM and Dura-Ace technologies, he has got the know-how to build up and fix any bike from scratch.